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Our clients are passionate about what they do, and no one can tell their story better than they tell it. We asked our clients to tell us their story, and what they are working for.
We feature a new story each month, and every story is kept here in PDF format for your reference.

We create customized tax-effective benefits for you, your family and your employees. We partner with our clients to ensure that they have benefit plans that fit with their culture and needs.

We understand that without good benefit plans in place companies have a difficult time attracting and retaining individuals to work for them. We also know that healthy employees equal a healthy and thriving company.

We know the ins-and-out of Health Spending accounts and help set up accounts that are ideal for both the company and their employees.

We also navigate the insurance waters and know what to watch for with key items such as disability, critical illness and travel protection.

We are passionate about finding the best solutions for our clients.

Our Ten Foot Henry journey began with a passion to bridge the gap between what you should be eating and what you really want to eat. We designed a vegetable-forward menu filled with fresh, feel-good food that Calgary has truly embraced.

Ten Foot Henry’s concept represents the confluence of two burgeoning restaurant ideas: family-style dining and vegetable-focused cuisine. The result has provided Calgary with a vibrant and fun space where vegetables steal the show. Our menu is best enjoyed shared – you’ll want your dining mates to “pass the everything”.

We absolutely love to entertain. When we welcome you into our 82 seat room, we want you to feel as comfortable as you would in our dining room at home. Our remarkable team are hospitality professionals – through and through. We have quickly and humbly earned a reputation for exemplary service while we continuously strive to exceed guests expectations on every level.

The secret to our success is keeping it simple. We allow beautiful ingredients to shine bright, and offer a consistent and dynamic experience to our loyal guests – all day, every day.

We love what we do, and we hope you’ll love it too.

The Print Operations Group Inc. / POG Consulting People often ask me, “So Jim, what do you do?” I often reply with my young daughter’s explanation, while she was participating in a grade two “What does your Dad do?” show & tell event. Standing at the front of the class, Jessie bowed her head ever-so-slightly, and while looking down at the floor, apologized to her teacher and classmates, because her Dad did not have a real job, like a fireman, mailman or a policeman. Jessie admitted she really did not know what her Dad did. All she knew is that he just talks on the phone and types on his computer.

This approach has been a key to our becoming an industry leader in Integrated Resource Jessie was correct. Consultants do not have a real job, but we do have a fun job! … and “yes, it is true” … most often we are either talking or typing. Over the years, POG Consulting has expanded our service offering from talking and typing to actually “doing” as well.

POG Consulting (POG) is an independent Print Optimization Solutions provider that has an excellent track record of identifying, capturing and measuring significant print / output related cost reductions while improving end user satisfaction and productivity. For the past 24 years and through 200+ consulting engagements, POG continues to identify significant cost reduction opportunities for large public and private organizations across North America.

We are very proud of the innovative print-based solutions that our clients have embraced and deployed. Annual savings for those clients now exceeds $200 million per year. POG continues to have an annual multi-million-dollar impact on the print manufacturers that service, support and sell to the North American office equipment marketplace. … and yes, the rumors are true … Our clients like us a lot more than the hardware print vendors do. That is the price you pay for being good at what you do!

Our niche in the print marketplace is very narrow, but our depth of knowledge and experience is considered the best in North America. POG Consulting does not sell print hardware, software, break/fix services or consumables. We are 100% independent. Our service offering started with print assessments. POG services now include transition planning, go-to-market RFP processes, governance, solution deployment and metrics-based sustainment. We deliver on this full Roadmap of Print Optimization services, while maintaining 100% independence, objectivity and transparency in all that we do and the solutions we generate

The degree of independence and objectivity in print solutions design did not exist before 1994. In the old days, your only option was to ask the vendor to help you save money and optimize. That was a classic case of the “fox guarding the hen house”. POG takes great pride in addressing that conflict of interest by providing North America with an unbiased option.

Jessie is older now, but she still gets asked if her Dad is working and if so, what does he do. I believe the response goes something like this … “Dad is a work-a-hobbyist, so he will always be working. You will find him at this desk, talking on the phone and typing on his computer. It may not be a real job, but he seems to enjoy it.”

Our passion is developing high performance teams, within our company and in collaboration with our clients. We are driven to provide meaningful and impactful solutions for our clients.

This approach has been a key to our becoming an industry leader in Integrated Resource Management since we opened our doors in 1982. We’ve always been a family business, and now we are in the second generation of leadership, still as committed to the ideals that brought us success in the first place.

We have the in-house expertise to navigate the increasing obstacles and pitfalls many companies face in working through the regulatory process, land use, stakeholder engagement, environment services, GIS and geomatics.

We’re proud of what we have achieved working with our clients and believe in the future of our resource industry.

Mobility Quotient
Digital Agency: App, Website, and Marketing Experts.
As a full-service digital agency, Mobility Quotient (MQ) offers a broad range of services for businesses seeking to improve their services, marketing, and digital strategies.

Whether a business needs to launch its first social media campaign, redesign their corporate website, or upgrade a complex digital ecosystem (of many websites, multiple third-party platforms, and custom-built features), MQ has the skills and expertise to help any team get the job done quickly and with the best results. We give businesses the opportunity to complete “back-burner ideas”, achieve new goals, and do what feels impossible. We are your digital experts for hire.

Beyond professional services, MQ tinkers and explores the world of “what could be” by creating our own software solutions— maybe you’ve heard of JustWine or JustBeer? We created those! Our in-house digital products like these, give MQ team members the opportunity to test and explore ideas, tools, trends, and technologies without compromising the quality of our service work. This continuous pursuit of innovation allows us to provide businesses with leading-edge expertise where others cannot.

For clients: We listen. We innovate. We act. Most importantly, we help professionals achieve their goals through the use of technology.

For our in-house products: We create solutions to problems we face as day-to-day consumers and business professionals. Our products are our creative outlet and an exploration of limitless possibilities.

From a basement in 2009 to our current office in Sunlife Plaza, we have offered unparalleled services in the tech space to over 80 businesses around the world. Over the last 10 years, MQ has worked with a broad range of companies, from start-ups to enterprise-level leaders across as many industries as there are shades of blue. Our most well-known clients include brands like: ConocoPhillips, Wells Fargo, Cox Automotive, Focus Features, AOL, ATB Financial, and Alberta Beer Festivals, but we never lose focus of our mission to help professionals achieve their goals, no matter the size of their business.

We have changed the way leading publishers create content and connect with their audiences. We have improved the way over 7,500 dealerships schedule customer appointments and manage their services. We have written over 40,000 pieces of content that have been a resource to over 2 million people in the Beer and Wine industry. We have made over 200,000 designs and written over 35 million lines of code. And we have done this all from right here in Calgary.

Mobility Quotient is bringing tech to Calgary, and we have big ideas for the future. If you do too, call us.

Our passion is providing our clients with a great all-round experience when they come to us. Their appearance is important. We respect that and do our best to ensure they are kept up to date on the latest fashions and styles. They are looked after by our highly trained team in our salon, which is modern and flooded with natural light. We try to make it an oasis of calm.

Our team is experienced and our new members go through our rigorous in-house training program which is noted for its quality in our industry. We are Calgary’s longest serving independent salon, maintaining and improving industry standards for 40 years.

Our goal is to exceed our clients expectations by making their visit a welcoming, relaxing and satisfying experience.


Lux Windows is a multi-generational family business with both an unrivaled record and a bright future. Renowned for exceptional windows and doors built upon innovative thinking and old-world craftsmanship. Lux Windows takes great pride in their role as an industry leader, holding themselves to the highest possible standards and committed to ensuring customers receive the ultimate Lux Windows experience. This commitment to care and attention is, and always has been, the hallmark of their family business.

Over the years, Lux Windows has grown consistently, proudly serving clients all over the world. All the while, remaining firmly connected to their local community, where their reputation is deeply important; because at Lux, delivering true quality is about more than a business’ reputation, it’s their family’s way of life.

Local Wisdom – It’s the Lux Difference!

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