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We know entrepreneurs work hard to create value and security for present and future generations. We're here to be your partner in that journey and we'll work tirelessly and with tenacity to uncover the right solutions for your business and your family.

At Matthews Group we are passionate about providing personalized, timely service to our clients. We're proud that our valued clients count on us as trusted partners. We work hard to create wealth and peace of mind. We are legacy builders.

We are CPA’s


Our PASSION is working with CLIENTS to help to achieve their goals.

Our Story

Our story is the story of our clients. We work a lot with private companies, their owners and often the families. Our clients are people, all different and each with her or his own plans or ambitions.

As accountants, we are all trained in accounting and tax.  Clients expect us to get these basics right.  Our real passion is understanding our clients’ goals and how we can help them get where they want to go.

Over time we have developed histories of their companies, in depth knowledge of their values and other personal information we need so that we can help them achieve their goals, advise on the best structures for them and their businesses and plan their taxes.

Understanding the past makes it easier to see where businesses can be improved, taxes can be controlled and planned, and clients can see how decisions made now may affect the future. We try to reduce their uncertainty. We help them protect what they have built.

Our clients and their other trusted advisors have always been the best test of how well we are doing. We do not actively advertise and growth has always come from referrals.

Our Management Team

Our business is helping clients achieve their goals. We only succeed when our clients succeed.

In thirty plus years we have built vast expertise working with a special group of people. Most are entrepreneurs with their own businesses. A lot of these entrepreneurs have large professional practices. Many of them have family involved. Other clients have investment companies or large personal portfolios. The common factor is that they want more than statements and tax returns.

We know that building a future can be a lonely business without a team around you. We work as part of our client’s team of trusted advisors – lawyers, investment counsellors or bankers. Our client chooses who is on that team.

Client Stories

Our clients are passionate about what they do, and no one can tell their story better than they tell it. We asked our clients to tell us their story, and what they are working for.

The Print Operations Group Inc. / POG Consulting People often ask me, “So Jim, what do you do?” I often reply with my young daughter’s explanation, while she was participating in a grade two “What does your Dad do?” show & tell event. Standing at the front of the class, Jessie bowed her head ever-so-slightly, and while looking down at the floor, apologized to her teacher and classmates, because her Dad did not have a real job, like a fireman, mailman or a policeman. Jessie admitted she really did not know what her Dad did. All she knew is that he just talks on the phone and types on his computer.

This approach has been a key to our becoming an industry leader in Integrated Resource Jessie was correct. Consultants do not have a real job, but we do have a fun job! … and “yes, it is true” … most often we are either talking or typing. Over the years, POG Consulting has expanded our service offering from talking and typing to actually “doing” as well.

POG Consulting (POG) is an independent Print Optimization Solutions provider that has an excellent track record of identifying, capturing and measuring significant print / output related cost reductions while improving end user satisfaction and productivity. For the past 24 years and through 200+ consulting engagements, POG continues to identify significant cost reduction opportunities for large public and private organizations across North America.

We are very proud of the innovative print-based solutions that our clients have embraced and deployed. Annual savings for those clients now exceeds $200 million per year. POG continues to have an annual multi-million-dollar impact on the print manufacturers that service, support and sell to the North American office equipment marketplace. … and yes, the rumors are true … Our clients like us a lot more than the hardware print vendors do. That is the price you pay for being good at what you do!

Our niche in the print marketplace is very narrow, but our depth of knowledge and experience is considered the best in North America. POG Consulting does not sell print hardware, software, break/fix services or consumables. We are 100% independent. Our service offering started with print assessments. POG services now include transition planning, go-to-market RFP processes, governance, solution deployment and metrics-based sustainment. We deliver on this full Roadmap of Print Optimization services, while maintaining 100% independence, objectivity and transparency in all that we do and the solutions we generate

The degree of independence and objectivity in print solutions design did not exist before 1994. In the old days, your only option was to ask the vendor to help you save money and optimize. That was a classic case of the “fox guarding the hen house”. POG takes great pride in addressing that conflict of interest by providing North America with an unbiased option.

Jessie is older now, but she still gets asked if her Dad is working and if so, what does he do. I believe the response goes something like this … “Dad is a work-a-hobbyist, so he will always be working. You will find him at this desk, talking on the phone and typing on his computer. It may not be a real job, but he seems to enjoy it.”

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Client Comments

The Matthews Group is a company of professional entrepreneurs dedicated to ensuring the success of other entrepreneurial companies. In forming a partnership with the Matthews Group, your passion becomes their passion – and your quest for success becomes their main objective. The success we have achieved in the past 13 years, is due in part, to the seamless partnership we have enjoyed with the Matthews Group – and we have had a lot of fun along the way.NB
We started with a dream. The Matthews Group helped us get it off the ground. They worked with us to understand what we wanted to achieve and then they helped us arrange the financing so we could get started. They show an ongoing interest in our business." CA
We have dealt with The Matthews Group since we started business in 1983. They have been there for us every step of the way providing the tax advice and guidance on corporate matters that are so important when you grow a company. We think of them as part of our corporate team.BW
The Matthews Group helped us when we were putting our business together. They were there with practical advice and encouragement during our start-up phase, and they have continued with us as we have grown to our present position in our market. We know they will always give us objective advice as our business changes. ES

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